John Gossett

I can honestly say that bass fishing has been in my blood since the day I was born, since I was born in the Bass Fishing Capital of the World. Although my father was not an avid bass fisherman when I was young he did enjoy fishing and we went fishing as a family quite often. We fished mostly for salt water catfish, croakers, and flounder. My first real introduction to bass fishing was through my friend David in high school. We would fish anywhere from gravel pits, river back waters, and anywhere else we could drag a jon boat to. I have actually had some of my best fishing days in some Mississippi gravel pits with my high school friends. That first introduction to bass fishing was over twenty five years ago and I still go fishing every chance I get. I moved to Arkansas after graduating college in 1992. Shortly after moving here I meet one of my current best friends through bass fishing. I was loading my 12ft jon boat in the back of my dodge rampage and a young man going down the road pulled over and ask if I needed someone to go fishing with me and I said yes. I had never meet Mike before and we have been friends and fishing pals ever since. Bass fishing has been a real blessing in my life by providing me with both a chance to enjoy a great sport and meet some awesome people.

Jonathan Gossett

Started fishing tournaments with his dad when he was 12 years old.