Putting It All Together

There is nothing like having a fishing day where everything seems to go right. Why are some days like that, while other days seem to frustrate us so much? The days where everything goes right are typically a result of us putting all the clues together to have a great day on the lake.

Sometimes we limit ourselves to fishing the same location where we have always caught fish and don't venture to other locations. Sometimes we limit ourselves to the same presentation, lure, etc. that has always worked for us in the past. Sometimes we are just too comfortable or complacent to pay attention to what we are being shown by the things around us. If we pay attention to what is going on around us there are generally a lot of clues that we can use to turn our mediocre fishing day into a great fishing day. A lot of clues are provided by that first fish we catch.

On one particular day I had been fishing a spinnerbait for about an hour before I caught my first fish on it. The first fish came after I actually ran my spinnerbait into the cypress tree under the water. From that point forward I caught every fish by bumping the spinnerbait into the tree. Not a single fish was caught by just running the spinnerbait by the tree; it had to hit the tree to draw the strike. This is a simple example of how paying attention to the little clues can turn an ok fishing day into a great day.

There will still be days that no matter what clues you see and what you change you still won't have a great day, but watching for clues and changing what you are doing to match should help more of those days become great fishing days.

John Gossett